antsLAB Duraprot Self-Sanitising Face Mask- Bulk Pack

**UPDATE:We have stopped valved versions as per government directive.

This is a 2 ply mask made of 100% unbleached cotton WITHOUT VALVE.

The fabric used to make these masks is coated with special Ants-Duraprot coating which kills 99.9% Corona Virus making the mask self-disinfecting and reusable.

The mask is worn using specially designed Ants-Duraprot coated cotton threads.

There is a nose clip which can be adjusted as per individuals face for close face fitting experience.

*If you are going to wear the mask for more than 3 hours, it’s a good idea to reposition the bead behind your head, to avoid mild headache.

Country of Origin: India


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How to Wear Mask

  1. Sanitise your hands with a sanitiser or soap.
  2. Hang the mask in your neck. Make sure that the bead is facing away from you.
  3. Hold the bead away from you with one hand and with the other hand pull the mask towards your face (as close as possible).
  4. Mould the bendable metallic upper nose strip to the shape of your nose by pinching and pressing down on it with your fingers.
  5. Pull the rope over your head and tighten the silicon grip.
  6. Adjust if needed to best and snugly fit.
Ants Duraprot Mask

**UPDATE:We have stopped valved versions as per government directive.

antsLAB Duraprot Self-Sanitising MASK is offered in valved and non-valved exhalation respirator configuration.

The exhalation valves are designed to make it easier to breathe out, because these one-way valves release exhaled air without forcing it through a filter. The mask still protects the wearer from breathing things in, but it does very little to prevent an infected person from spreading infectious droplets when they breathe out.

VALVED antsLAB Duraprot Self-Sanitising MASKS help protect the mask wearer from inhalation of viruses and microscopic particles and feature 1 or 2 exhalation valves. Please note that the exhale of the mask wearer exits partially through the valve unfiltered.

NON-VALVED antsLAB Duraprot Self-Sanitising MASKS help protect both the mask wearer from inhaling viruses and microscopic particles AND help protect the environment from the exhaled droplets of the mask wearer.

Note that NON-VALVED antsLAB Duraprot Self-Sanitising MASKS filter both inflow and outflow.


• Incorporated with Duraprot technology developed by Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay

• Made of 100% cotton and nano-particles of biopolymers which are completely safe to use

• Self-disinfecting and reusable

• Inactivates > 99.98 % of viruses on surface {AATCC100-MS2]

• Inactivates > 99 % SARS-CoV-2 on surface within minutes: Tested by RT PCR method

• Bacterial Filtration > 99.99 % [ASTM F2101]

• Inactivates > 99.99 % bacteria on surface, even post washing [AATCC – 100]

• Breathability (differential pressure) < 4 pa [IS 16289]

• Approved as a class I material for flammability [16 CFR 1610]

• Washable & reusable upto 20 mild detergent washes (do not iron these masks)



  • Wash your hand properly with soap before wearing and after removing the mask.
  • The mask is for individual use ONLY, not to be shared with others to prevent contamination.
  • Store the mask in a dry place and away from sunlight.

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Weight50 g

Extra Large (XL), Large (L), Medium (M), Small (S)


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