Simplest example is that this mask is equivalent of sanitising the hands. The way you sanitise your hands to kill the virus. Similarly this mask has coating which kills the Virus.
In the Duraprot technology, the constituents are such that the composite material retains strong positive charge upon cross linking with the fabric. This selectively acts upon the negatively charged envelope and spike proteins and the presence of active antiviral agents from natural sources cross linked in the fabric further completely disrupts the outer layer and inactivates the viral particles. Check here

Yes, there are a lot of coating technologies around the world. But they use mild to harsh chemicals or metals for coating, which are hazardous for breathing.
But we are the first all-natural coating technology.

No, our product is totally homegrown. Starting from the cotton to the finished product, everything is 100% Indian.

Since it is coated with natural bio-polymers, it is completely safe. 

It is 2 ply mask, so its super breathable and unlike other anti-viral masks we use no harmful chemicals.

95% of the virus gets eliminated in 5-10 minutes. And 99.99% gets eliminated within 1 hour.

It is nanoscale. So it almost feels like wearing a regular cotton mask. 

Yes, it is Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial. (Intertek Report)

The mask goes through multiple washes to remove excess bio-polymer. In rare cases, there might be a slight smell which is perfectly normal. 

Soak mask in normal water for 15 minutes. Air dry. Do not wring. Do not use bleach, hot water, iron, or detergent. Hand washes only. Do not machine wash, tumble dry, or dry clean. 

Since the mask is self-sanitizing, you do not need to wash it unless it has accumulated dirt. The usual recommended is once in 3 days.

The potency of the coating has been tested for at least 20 washes. So mild washing does not take away the power. If you wash it once in 3 days, then it will last for 2 months.

Since the mask is coated with bio-polymers, you should not use a sanitiser or harsh washing liquid or microwave to sanitize your mask. It will remove the self-sanitizing coating if you do so. Only hand wash with mild soap is recommended. 

No, handwash only with normal water and mild soap. 

Since the mask goes through successive washes and drying. It gets crumpled.

The biopolymer coating can sustain up to 50 degrees Celcius. So it is not recommended to iron it.

The mask undergoes various stages of autoclaving so it does not shrink.

We have developed a hydrophobic version of this technology. Contact us for more details.

This mask can be worn for 7-8 hours at a stretch without any discomfort.

Since the mask is self-sanitizing, you do not need to wash it unless it has accumulated dirt. 

This is not a medical mask. We have developed medical-grade masks, you can connect with us for the details.

Yes, it is advisable to wear a mask so that you do not infect others.

You can use it as a regular cotton mask after a month of regular usage.

Wearing a mask is important to prevent Corona. So if you are following proper hygiene and wearing our mask all the time, the chances of Corona are nearly zero.

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