Duraprot vs Filtering masks

Ants textile/mask project is about making stylish, reusable and effective air pollution, anti viral, anti microbial and affordable face masks. The Ant-I Corona textiles/masks are powered by patented technologies Duraprot (with 2 patents). Duraprot (developed by IIT Bombay) is an intelligent textile technology that is added to the mask fabric during the final stage of the mask manufacturing process.

Today, the COVID-19 causing coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can survive 2 days on a textile surface, so you’re basically bringing the virus home on your textile or your face mask, and there’s always a risk that you’ll touch the textile/mask somewhere and then don’t wash your hands properly before you change your outdoor clothing to indoor clothing, for instance. Then, there’s always the risk that you’ll touch your face and get infected that way. That’s exactly the risk that Ants-Duraprot want to mitigate. The technology is to make the textile surface such that the virus and bacteria are deactivated immediately in a short time – and it is talking minutes.

Normal N95 face masks can stop the virus from reaching air passage while breathing. However the virus stays on mask surface and multiplies itself unhindered. This property of virus on N95 face masks makes these masks non reusable and to be handled very carefully after they are used and discarded. In-fact these face masks have to be destroyed or incinerated within a short duration of being used.

This is the major problem that Ant-I Corona masks powered by Ants-Duraprot technology wants to solve. Now when you are sitting in a meeting with your customers or are visiting new places or you are seeing patients, you are assured that the virus cannot reach you. The Ant-I Corona Shield is protecting you all the time.


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